IV Infusions Therapy

IV Infusions Therapy services offered in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Covington and Rural Retreat, VA and Cornelius, NC

IV Infusions Therapy

Intravenous (IV) infusion therapies support your health and wellness by optimizing nutrient levels and preventing deficiencies. At Dr. Murray E. Joiner Jr. & Associates in Roanoke, Virginia, with five satellite offices throughout Virginia and another in North Carolina, interventional pain management physician Murray E. Joiner Jr., MD, provides several types of IV infusion therapy to relieve uncomfortable symptoms and help patients feel their best. Call the office today to schedule an IV infusion therapy appointment, or book your visit online.

What are IV infusion therapies?

IV infusion therapies directly administer vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into your bloodstream. Although similar to oral vitamins and supplements, IV infusion is more effective. 

That’s because when you take vitamins orally, most of the beneficial nutrients break down in your digestive system. IV infusion therapy, on the other hand, bypasses your stomach, letting your cells reap more of the rewards.

What medical conditions can IV infusion therapies treat?

Dr. Joiner uses IV infusion therapies to treat various medical conditions, including:

  • Dehydration
  • Jet lag
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Acute illnesses, like the cold and flu

Infusion therapies can also help manage chronic musculoskeletal issues, including back, neck, and joint pain.

What happens during IV vitamin infusion therapy?

IV vitamin infusion therapy is an outpatient procedure that averages 60-90 minutes.

Before recommending this treatment, Dr. Joiner reviews your medical records, asks about your symptoms, and completes a physical exam. If he determines you’re a candidate for IV infusion, Dr. Joiner creates a personalized IV vitamin infusion. The ingredients included vary, depending on your symptoms and health. 

For instance, Dr. Joiner might recommend a Myer’s cocktail if you have an acute illness, like a cold or flu. A Myer’s cocktail contains B complex vitamins, magnesium chloride, and vitamin C to support your immune system and promote healing. Alternatively, if you suffer from chronic pain, the IV infusion might contain calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

Once the vitamin infusion is ready, Dr. Joiner inserts a needle into a vein in your inner elbow. The needle connects to a catheter (thin, hollow tube) attached to an IV bag. The bag slowly drips the IV solution into your bloodstream.

You can watch TV, listen to music, or nap during treatment. After the drip, Dr. Joiner removes the needle, bandages your arm, and provides recovery instructions.

Is IV vitamin infusion therapy safe?

IV vitamin infusion therapy is safe and typically well-tolerated. Following treatment, it’s normal to have mild redness and bruising at the needle insertion site, but these symptoms should subside within a day or two. You might also feel tired afterward, so Dr. Joiner recommends taking the rest of the day off to recuperate.

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